A. Certificate in Panchakarma Technician course:

  • Scope of working as Panchakarma technician in Govt.
  • Private hospitals in India and abroad
  • Can start own Panchakarma Clinic
  • Can do Free lancing as Panchakarma technician

B. Certificate in Dietics course:

  • Can practice as Ayurvedic Lifestyle expert
  • Practice as expert of Ayurveda dietics

C. Certificate in Naturopathy course:

  • Can practice as Naturopathy expert in Naturopathy institutes
  • Can do private practice as Naturopathy expert

D. Certificate in Cosmetology course:

  • Can work as Herbal expert in Beauty and Cosmetics

E. Certificate in Yoga course:

  • Can take Yoga classes
  • Can work as Yoga instructor in gym and Fitness centers

F. Scope of Ayurveda in Govt. & Private hospital in India/Abroad.

G. Achieve hights in Private practice as a Holistic/ Fitness expert.

H. Serve as Fitness manager in Spas/ Health/ resorts Health clubs.

I. Gre demand of Lecturers as well as Practitioners in the field of therapy.



1) Short term course:

  1. Basic Principals of Ayurvedic a Learning Course 1 Month
  2. Ayurvedic Panchakarma Course
  • a. Level 1 - 1 week
  • b. Level 2 - 2 weeks
  • c. Level 3 - 3 weeks
  1. Yoga- 1 week
  2. Ayurvedic Beauty Course
  • a. Course A - 1 week
  • b. Course B - 2 weeks
  • v. Ayurvedic Cooking 15 days.

2) Certificate courses

  1. Certificate in Ayurvedic Pharmacy
  2. Certificate in Medical Plant Caltivition
  3. Certificate in Herbology
  4. Certificate in Ayurvedic Nursing.