Vaidya Nandkishore, Dy Director (ISM) Govt. of Delhi

"I was directed by higher authority to see the centre & its activity in public interest. This centre is unique and working on the principles of ayurveda & yoga. Vihar side of hospital is according to the ayurved/ yogi description available in the old text. I wish all success of this centre to be at the hights of progress & welfare of the suffering and development of ayurvedic system of medicine."

Date : 18/12/1997

Prof. Shatrughan Darbari (Chairman). N.I. forum for Uniform Civil Code And Liberty Inc. New York. (An Ex Diplomat)

"It was heartening to visit the unique Ayurvedic Research Hospital giving true picture of Indigenous Indian Medicines. This Institute should collaborate with New York Govt. To open a branch in New York."

Date : 12/05/1998

Rika Jinno, Japan Airlines, New Tokyo, International Airport, Japan

It was a wonderful experience. Thank you.

Date : 16/12/1997

Vaidyaraj Somendara Mishra (M.D.Kayachikitsa), 3 Quaterga Banglow, MOG Line Indore, M.P.

"Visited this institute. Hope it will be an ideal centre of Panchakarma & Ayurveda."

Date : 2/3/1998

Dr. Janice Darbari, G.K., New Delhi

"A feeling of peace & harmony, atmosphere for a perfect health centre.Wish you best for the future."

Date : 12/05/1998

Sheila Darbari, G.k New Delhi

"Manav Sewa Ka Shaandaar Karyakram- Haardic Shubhkamnayen-Hardic Barhai"

Date : 25/02/2000

Dr. C.H.S. Shastri- (Director) Govt. of N.C.T. A & U Tibbia College, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-05

"Visited the Premadhar Memorial Hospital run by Dr. Namadhar M.D. (Ay.) This is one of the unique hospitals where treatment are given on ayurvedic lines in an orthodox way based on text in ayurveda. Such hospitals are very rare and are the greatest need of the day for the sullering humanity who would like to take treatment on pure Ayurvedic lines. I wish the hospital to get good name alleviating the necessity for patients to go too far off places like Kottakal. I am very much impressed with the way, the young doctor has been working."

Date : 27/02/2000

Dr. V.J. Thakkar Ex. Vice Chancellor .
Gujrat Ayurveda University Jam Nagar, & Dr. CP Shukla Ex. Dean Institute of Post Graduate Teaching & Research Gujrat Ayurveda University Jam Nagar

"Naturopathy & Yoga combined treatment is necessary for promotion of health of the body, mind & soul. We were impressed by the arrangement of the Hospital."

Date : 14/03/2001

S.P Aggarwal, IAS PR Seceratary (H&FW) Govt. of NCT of Delhi

"I have been having Abhyang massage & steam on occasions at various centres but the experience of having it at Premadhar Centre was distinctive."

Date : 26/10/2002

Dr. Karanvir Singh Sherawat, Principal Maru Singh Memorial® Mahila Ayurvedic College Khanpur Kalan, Sonipat

"I arrived at Premadhar Research Institute & Hospital at 11am on 17/02/2004 with my colleagues to have a look of the hospital. It is situated in such a huge area which is far from urban noises. Dr. N Sharma is following the proper Ayurvedic guidelines in treating patients. All The Best."

Date : 17/02/2004

Dr. Ved Vrat (Phd. Ayurveda), Mahila Ayurvedic College, Khanpur Kalan Sonipat

"Very glad to see Premadhar Research Institute & Hospital. Here treatments are given for all painful & incurable aliments focusing on Ayurvedic guidines."

Date : 17/02/2004

Dr. Rama Kant Sharma Head of The Dept. Dravyaguna & Ras-shastra, Govt. Ayurvedic College, Guwahati Assam

"It gives tremendous pleasure to visit Premadhar Memorial Charitable Hospital Dr. Sharma has great exposure in the Ayurvedic Sciences, will make success in his goal."

Date : 05/05/2004

Dr. U.N.B. Rao, Joint Commissioner of Police, Delhi

"Delighted to visit this health resort nicely tucked in a valley like plot with hospitable & affectionate therapists and doctors. Wishing a great success for this endeavor. Feel like revisting as often as Possible"

Date : 24/06/2004

Shri Bal Krishnan Ji Maharaj, Patanjali Yoga Peeth Institute, Haridwar

"This institute is a true picture of the Ayurvedic Hospital wich is being described in Ayurvedic text books. Herbs are being grown here and medicines are very effective. I wish them all the best for their future."

Date : 27/11/2004

Dr. G. Srikanth, Plastic Surgeon Princess Margaret Hospital, Nassau

"Wonderful centre with excellent people. Have received good therapy for my skin problems. (Psorasis)"

Date : 19/08/2004

Swami Jagdishwaranand, Saraswati Ved Mandir, Ibrahimpur Delhi-110036

"The environment is very pleasant and calm.Staff of the Hospital is very caring & helping. Food is very healthy pure & nutritious. Dr. Sharma's nature is very good. Overall it's a Good place to stay."

Date : 05/05/2005

Ashok Angurana, Principal Secretary, Hr. & Technical Education. J & K

"I am glad to be in Premadhar and Research Hospital campus. It is a laudable initiative which combines social service with professional advancement. I think such unique experiments deserve all support from the govt. in particular and civil society in general."

Date : 21/03/2007

Keiko Goco, Institute of Oriental Traditional Medicine

"Thank you very much. Staff is very supportive & friendly."

Date :16/12/1997

Patil Seema (Nagasawa), 60-2. 5 chyome, Tamachi, Shizuoka-Shi, Shizuoka Japan

"I come here with my daughter and other Japanese ladies. It s a wonderful experience in a wonderful atmosphere. I hope I come to stay."

Date : 21/01/2000

Umegaoka, Umegaoka 1-46-3. Setagayoka Tokyo Japan

"It was my first time to visit India. I stayed here to study Indian Ayurvedic Medicine but I also enjoyed Indian culture, nature and spirit very much. I will never forget such a wonderful experience Thank you very much for your kindness."

Date : 30/08/2000

Sunju  Park, Poonyjun Bd. 11-3, Jung Dong Seoul Korea

"It was a good experience to study & to get her information."

Date : 26/10/2002

Teruko Aoki, 2-9-86. Kambe, Suzuka-City, Japan

"To have a lecture in English was difficult for me to understand but Dr. Namadhar Sharma. explained me in easy English. So I could understand about Ayurveda. I want to study about Ayurveda more because it is very important to our health."

Date : 24/03/2002

Ashok Kumar Chadha, North Brunswick, New Jersey

"I am fortunate to come across Dr. Namadhar Sharma who is really a very good doctor as well as a very good human being. Massage treatment given to my body was relaxing. This hospital has got good environment to rejuvenate oneself."

Date : 18/10/2004